For the past 20 years, Antonio’s Tagaytay has been welcoming you through its doors with its gracious, accommodating service, and its unforgettable, soulful dishes. The idyllic place has become the perfect setting for celebrating milestones and creating new ones.

This time, we are creating our own milestone by bringing the Antonio’s experience to a new city—to a modern, contemporary space at PGA Cars. One might wonder what a renowned restaurant group might have to do with a luxury motor dealership… They are in fact, two brands that seemingly could not be more different, yet they share the same vision—to provide unparalleled experiences to their patrons through exquisite craftsmanship, exceptional quality and through the never-ending, passionate search for perfection. Two brands that seemingly could not be more different, and yet, could not be more alike.

We welcome you to explore our shared vision. Taste and enjoy the wonderful dishes and libations that await. Experience what the luxury automotive industry has to offer. Welcome to Antonio’s at PGA Cars.

For inquires, you can reach us at the following: